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March 7, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Twitter and LinkedIn updates coming shortly


Good news today for Blackberry Z10 owners, both the Twitter and LinkedIn apps have been updated bringing them to the same standard as their counterparts on rival OS platforms.


The new Twitter update for BB10 now gives users the option to add or take photos while creating a tweet, delete messages, send direct messages from the ‘Me’ tab, report users as spam and browse conversations in a threaded view. So in other words the new Twitter app is as fully functional as the iOS and Android versions.

LinkedIn on the other hand is only receiving a minor update but welcome all the same. Users will now be able to view and search for “Recommended” jobs, filter news by industry, message contacts from their profile pages and view images in full screen.

The updates should be hitting the Blackberry World store in the next 24 hours so sit tight and get ready to make your Z10 that little bit better.

Source – Blackberry Blog

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