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November 7, 2014

Bungie Executive Becomes Latest Victim Of Swatting

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Having your home surrounded by police while a police helicopter fly’s over your roof is not something anyone would like to experience at 4am in the morning. Well this is what happened to a Bungie executive as police moved in after receiving a call that he “had an assault rifle and he had placed explosives in the yard and he was holding a family hostage”.

Well it turns out of course that this was nothing but a hoax and the latest incident of the dangerous and stupid craze known as “swatting”. Just incase you have never heard of swatting it is a craze where people phone the authorities with made up stories in hope that these types of incidents occur, not only is it dangerous but it is a serious waste of police time and the publics money. Apparently the exec emerged from his home in his bathrobe and was “very confused at what was going on”.

According to KOMO News, local police are said to “believe the suspect has ties to the video game community”, with Houck adding it was “Maybe a contractor for his work or someone at his work who didn’t have a great experience with him”.

A spokesperson for Bungie says the victim of the hoax “is okay and didn’t want to discuss the incident.”

At least none got injured in this latest stunt, whats your opinion on “Swatting” let us know?

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Source – Komo News

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