The HTC One is an incredibly beautiful phone with that aluminium body but one thing about aluminium is that it can scratch up and dent easily and I don’t want that happening to our One. As I have said before my favourite cases are those that don’t add a lot of bulk but still give me piece of mind that if the unexpected tragedy did occur when my phone falls to the ground that it may just have a good chance of survival. The Case-Mate Barley There case meets all the standards I have so lets take a closer look at it in this review.


As the name Barley There suggests Case-Mate takes a minimalist approach to the design of this case, you actually hardly know its there but at the same time you know it could save your precious (Golem voice used). This case has a tough one piece design that simply snaps around your HTC One with ease. The inside of the case is lined with microfiber to ensure the back of your device remains scratch free while in the case. The case itself feels great in the hand and all the appropriate cutouts are present for the power button, 3.5mm audio jack, Volume rocker, micro USB port and the camera/flash and speaker. The rear of the case also features a small hole for the rear camera microphone so this is a nice inclusion. The case we had to review is matte black and it has a strangely soft feel for a hard plastic case.


When it comes to this case protection wasn’t the first thing on my mind and it shouldn’t be yours either, this case was chosen purely for it’s minimalist styling. Don’t get me wrong this case will protect your HTC One but not to the extent of the other case’s we will look at shortly. So in terms of protection this will prevent your One from getting scratched up in your pocket or when you leave it lying around. The main impact zones (i.e the corners) are protected so your HTC may survive a drop from a height but hopefully you won’t need to test that theory. The lipd around the sides of the phone are slightly raised allowing you to lay the phone face down without worrying about scratching that wonderful display.


The Case-Mate Barely There case for the HTC One is a well made piece of kit. It is stylish and maintains that wonderfully thin profile the HTC One offers while still giving you adequate protection. It’s minimalistic style may not appeal to everyone but we certainly love it. It feels great in the hand and doesn’t detract to much from the wonderful design of the HTC One. The case can be purchased from MobileFun for £14.99 and comes in a few different colour options to suit your needs.

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