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We get a lot of requests from the ladies here on BeginnersTech to review something a little more feminine and I guess it’s only fair that we start doing it. So first up for the ladies or the men who don’t care about that masculine look is the Case-Mate GLAM  case for iPhone 5/5s.

CaseMate GLAM rear

The GLAM case from Case-Mate is a very eye catching case and actually looks very high end. It has a lovely multi-faced back plate that sparkles and twinkles as it catches the light from different angles and comes in 8 different colour options at present so you should easily find one that suits your taste or dress for a night out. One thing worth mentioning about the case is that the rear back plate looks as if it would be rough to touch but it has a thick coat of lacquer over the top making it silky smooth to touch. The finish of this case is pretty stunning and as with most Case-Mate products your guaranteed quality.


The GLAM adds not a lot of bulk to the iPhone 5 which Im sure most people will like as it allows the iPhone 5 to maintain its petite form factor. It features cut-outs for all the ports and buttons and you will have no trouble accessing any of the iPhones features as they are all adequately cut to make sure of this.

CseMate GLAM Power

The Case-Mate GLAM also features a nice raised lip around the bezel ensuring that when you lay your iPhone 5 face down it will be protected from scratches etc. Speaking of protection this case although not bulky will do a good job of keeping your iPhone 5 free from scratches and drops as all impact areas of the device are adequately covered.

CaseMate Glam volume rocker

So if you’re ready to GLAM up your iPhone 5 then hit up the source link below to turn your iPhone 5 into a fabulous fashion accessory

Source – Case-Mate

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