Case-Mate have always managed to consistantly produce quirky cases that are both great for protecting and styling your device and the POP! is no different.

The POP! is a bulky case almost as thick as the Otterbox commuter series. Not unlike the Otterbox the POP! is made from two materials except the POP! fuses them together rather than have two seperate pieces. The back is made from a glossy hard TPU plastic, and the sides are made from thick rubberized silicone. The rubberised sides and inner are patterned to provide extra grip when holding your device, to ensure no accidents happen.

This two layer technology keeps the device fully protected at all times. The TPU shell provides turtle shell like protection and gives it a sturdy feel. All the ports are carefully cut out and allow enough space for access. The rubber silicone part of this case is the saviour as it acts as a shock absorber when you drop your device  and adds more grip as stated above to help you avoid dropping your beloved toy in the first place.

The main feature of the POP! is actually what got it its name in the first place. The kickstand at the lower back of the device folds out with a POP! and allows you to stand you device up either portrait or horizontal. This kickstand unlike some is easy to POP! as it has a rubberised tip to allow your finger to grip without any trouble. This is ideal for watching Youtube videos or movies and it sits at a great viewing angle while horizontal.

The Galaxy S3 slides straight into this case with absolutely no trouble. This is a big deal for us as some of the high end cases we have tested are difficult to fit. The case flows perfectly with the curves of the S3 and does not take away from its styling at all, it actually adds to it. There are a few color combinations to choose from and we feel the price is more than reasonable.

Conclusion – If you are after a case that not only offers great protection but adds to the look of your device look no further.  If you like the look of this case hit up the source link ASAP and get buying. Big thanks to for sending us the case to review.

Source – Samsung Galaxy SIII Accessories

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