Caseco isn’t a name you think of when you think of rugged cases for mobile devices. However, quietly Caseco has brought us a very solid offering with their Shock Express Series of cases. The Shock Express case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge isn’t the prettiest case on the market. It’s designed for maximum protection while limiting the bulk. The Caseco Shock Express also touts its military certification.


The case is made from a plastic with rubber accents on the sides. These rubber accents allow for maximum grip, and they do a mighty fine job at it. The cut outs are large enough to have access to all the ports, speaker grills, and camera. The case does however attract fingerprints a little to well, I found myself wiping down the case a several times per day.  The case out of the box is a bit stiff, and some of the buttons could require a bit of pressure to work. All of this clears up within a few days of using the case.


As far as the shock proof properties of this case, other than dropping the phone and testing it, it seems like it could provide some cushion. It has a layer inside the lining of the plastic that will in theory soften the blow if you have any accidents.


It also comes with a screen protector. This screen protector isn’t one of the better ones I’ve used, but it’s decent. It’s the same quality you could expect from a generic screen protector. It holds on to the screen well, but feels sticky and tacky at times.


All in all, this is a very decent case. If you need some extra protection without the extra bulk this may be the case for you.

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