While Google is doing a good job with updating various apps, as far as Google Play is concerned it’s hard to find Chromecast apps. The categories are all messed up with apps in the wrong sections. If you don’t know the name of the app, only the category then it’s like looking for a word in a dictionary you’re not sure how it’s spelt!

Cast store Chromecast

There is a glimmer of help with the Chromecast app page, but that’s just a tiny fraction of apps, 14 at the last count, supported for Chromecast.

One app that seems to have gone a little way to do something about it is Cast Store, which brings together 83 apps (at the latest count) divided between Apps & Games then, spread over numerous categories that have Chromecast support.


This is essentially a user-powered directory of links to Google Play. The app gives you the ability to search, read descriptions, and see reviews. Tapping on an app in Cast Store boots you into Google Play to download. The app itself is plain looking, but given that you’re looking for chromecast apps it does it pretty well.

The app is ad supported along the bottom of the screen. It apparently offers in-app purchases, but I have yet to spot them anywhere. Maybe you’ll eventually have the option of getting rid of the ad for a paid app.

One point we do like is the option to submit Chromecast apps for inclusion in the Cast Store directory. This isn’t a complete list of Chromecast apps by any stretch of the imagination, it’s only as complete as the suggestions it receives. Until Google gets its act together, this is probably your best bet for finding a bunch of Chromecast apps in one place.



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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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