Save money on your bills, get Skype HomePhone

Skype doesn’t just have to be on your computer. In fact, Skype can be used to replace your conventional means of making a phone call. You can do away with your landline altogether and use one single Skype account across multi...
by Jonny Polea


What you need to know about iOS 6

With the release of iOS 6 just around the corner we get many emails asking us about what features it will bring along. There’s almost 200 new features packed into iO6 and a lot of questions that need answered so here is ...
by Ryan Oneill


What is Cloud Storage? What do I need to know?

Let’s kick this off by giving you a rundown on cloud storage. Cloud storage Apps allow you to store your files in a virtual cloud, giving you access to them whenever you need them from all of your devices. Devices these d...
by Ryan Oneill