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How to perform an OTA (Over The Air) update on your iDevice

So iOS 6.1 has recently been released and we got a few emails asking us how to perform an Over The Air update. Updating via OTA saves you connecting your device to iTunes. Firstly usually there is a notification to inform you t...
by Ryan Oneill


Save money on your bills, get Skype HomePhone

Skype doesn’t just have to be on your computer. In fact, Skype can be used to replace your conventional means of making a phone call. You can do away with your landline altogether and use one single Skype account across multi...
by Jonny Polea


What you need to know about iOS 6

With the release of iOS 6 just around the corner we get many emails asking us about what features it will bring along. There’s almost 200 new features packed into iO6 and a lot of questions that need answered so here is ...
by Ryan Oneill



What is Cloud Storage? What do I need to know?

Let’s kick this off by giving you a rundown on cloud storage. Cloud storage Apps allow you to store your files in a virtual cloud, giving you access to them whenever you need them from all of your devices. Devices these d...
by Ryan Oneill