Olixar BoomBrick Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Olixar aren’t a company who were on my radar, but I was more than happy to check out some of their products. The BoomBrick is a bluetooth speaker, which like its namesake is the size of a brick, but thankfully that is whe...
by Thomas


Hands-on review ElecShield – Screen Protectors

You’ve decided to use a screen protector on your handheld computer’s screen. Now the question is which type — adhesive or non-adhesive — and which brand of protector should you use? As you can imagine we...
by Dave Thornton


GumBite Docki Charging Station and Styli – Hardware Review

Dock and charge your smartphone or tablet whilst keeping your desk tidy and cable free with the Gumbite Docki Charging Station complete with Styli, the ergonomic stylus. Organise and simplify your desk With the Gumbite Docki Ch...
by Dave Thornton


Lumia 920 feature

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Before I get into this review I would like to say I know that this review is very late but there is a reason for this. We have been trying to source a Lumia or other Windows phone for quite some time now to allow us the chance ...
by Ryan Oneill


Hands on Review – Nokia Lumia 1520

With Android phone/tablet hybrids, or phablets (hate that word), everywhere you look, it was only a matter of time before Nokia launched its own Windows Phone model. The Lumia 1520 was the 14th Lumia phone since the launch of t...
by Dave Thornton

ipad 3

Fisher Price Apptivity iPad Case Review

We all know this situation, you are showing off something on your beloved iPad and one of the kids wants to play with it.  This usually leads to moments of fear and panic seeing the kids run about with your iPad and it usually...
by Barry Oosterbosch



1byOne 3-Port 7.2A/36W Car Charger Review

When we are reviewing chargers for our tech we often focus on items like powerbanks and wireless charging plates. Well today we are looking at something a little different and the perfect solution for charging your devices up w...
by Ryan Oneill

LED Home Theater kiT

LED Home Theater Accent Kit Review

I have had many requests from readers to test out and review an LED home theater accent kit, to be honest I had never thought about owning one myself but after installing the kit I purchased from SimpleLighting I only wish I ha...
by Ryan Oneill


Marware CEO Hybrid Case for iPad 3 Review

Marware have been making cases for the iPad for a good while now and seem very popular on the forums. We decided to get one to review and see how good they actually are. The case we have to review is known as the CEO Hybrid cas...
by Ryan Oneill