How To Flash The Liteon DG-16D2S 83850C (v1) – Step-by-Step Guide

      Tip With X360USB PRO you don’t need CK3 Pro drivers, you don’t have to use any COM ports (if you don’t want the “no Com Ports” message showing up when you boot Jungle Flasher then simp...
by Ryan Oneill


How To Install X360USB PRO Drivers For Windows

This guide will help you install X360 USB PRO drivers on windows so your ready to go ENJOY. X360USB PRO Install Guide 1: Download the latest drivers from 2: Extract the driver files from th...
by Ryan Oneill


Microsoft Kinect showing off it’s affinity for 3D scanning and gesture control

Finding new uses for the old Kinect Microsoft has announced new functionality for gesture controls coming to the Kinect for Windows SDK, while also reigniting our imagination for future of Kinect Fusion. First up, Fusion: at Te...
by Jonny Polea



Check out Datels new Xbox 360 controller

First thing i will say is how much does this make you want to dig out the Dreamcast lol. This is the Turbofire Evo sporting an awesome 1.7-Inch touchscreen. The screen can be used to fine tune rumble options, take advantage of ...
by Ryan Oneill

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How And Where To Download X360USB PRO Tools And Drivers

A lot of people are having trouble getting there X360USB PRO up and running so here’s a nice list that Martin Gardner has compiled for you all. 1. Tools and Updates 2. X360USB PRO Drivers 3. X360USB PRO Update Tool O...
by Ryan Oneill