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May 6, 2014

Chadder a new encrypted private messaging app

Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee has launched a new messaging app called Chadder, with a focus on encryption and security. Chadder  is produced by Future Tense Private Systems (FTC), a company founded by McAfee that has previously developed the Dcentral1 app, in conjunction with Etransfr. FTC says that “other privacy and security solutions are under development” too.

The core reason  for Chadder is a encrypted private messaging, with only the recipient able to read the message – would-be interceptors will only see “garbled, encrypted text”. When you first sign up, you do so by providing a nickname, username, and password. That’s it. Then, when you’re in, you should be able to add your email address and mobile number (to help people find you), otherwise you can generate a code to share and link up with individuals that way.

Chadder   Android Google Play

Aren’t you sick of hearing about safety online because everything you post is permanent? With Chadder you have no more worries! We have a state of the art way to make sure we can never see your information! As developers we have worked to create an application that has security fully built in vs. just laid on top. The goal is to build an application that is fun and easy to use that happens to be private!

At Chadder our motto is:

Say what you want! ⋇⊮ ≩⋉⊱∪≀ ⋘≫≯⋌∹∦ ≎⋡⋔∪≙∼≉{] (We can’t see it anyway!)

Disclaimer: This application is in beta! We published it quickly and there is not a lot of features. The team thought everyone should have access to private messaging.

In a rare platform-launch reversal, Chadder is available now for Android and Windows Phone, and a version for iOS is currently being tested with a view to launch “in the coming weeks”.

Meanwhile, check out the official Chadder promo video below. BT_WindowsPhone

Source: Chadder

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