Back in August we reviewed a product from Nomad known as the ChargeCard. We loved everything about the ChargeCard and let’s face it who wouldn’t? Well Nomad are at it again and this time they have made there portable charge and sync cable even more portable.


In this day and age everyone I know always complains about their phones battery life and how it never lasts a day, this is where Nomad come in with the ChargeKey. The ChargeKey allows you to have a means of charging your device at all times without having to take your charger everywhere you go. The ChargeKey is about the size of an average house key and fits straight onto your car keys or house keys with ease. There is also no fear of snapping it etc while its in your pocket or bag as its flexible as well.


The model we have had sent is the Lightning compatible version for iOS devices that is capable of charging even the iPad as it has the ability to carry 3.1 amps. Their is also a Micro USB version available so Nomad have pretty much everyone covered.


The build quality of the ChargeKey is great and the choice of material used is pretty much perfect as it will withstand any abuse your keys can give it. Although the ChargeKey is bendy it holds your device firm while in use and you can even let it hang from the likes of a tower PC or TV without any worry of your device taking a fall. This comes in handy as due to the ChargeKey’s small size it does mean that your device will be hanging frequently.


After using the ChargeKey for about a month now I have found it easier to keep it stored in my wallet as opposed to my key chain. The reason for this is taking it on and off the key chain is a pain and I don’t like keys being near my beautiful retina display. Charging with the ChargeKey is a breeze as long as you have a USB port to plug it into but nowadays everywhere you go should have one somewhere, failing that you could always carry one of many powerbanks available on the market. Another solution I have found is to carry a small portable USB plug like the MU.


The Charge Key may not appeal to everyone but it is certainly a product that I carry with me at all times. You can pick one up now at the link below for $25 so be sure to check them out.

Nomad Charge key

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