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April 9, 2013

Chrome for iOS get’s updated with Cloud Print, Air Print and Full screen browsing

chrome for iOS

Google Chrome is my browser of choice on my iOS devices and today it has been updated with some cool additions. These additions include full screen browsing for the iPhone and iPod touch, this now makes life so much easier and just as pleasurable to use as the iPad version.

Other awesome additions of what is now version 26 includes the ability to save whole web-pages directly to Google Drive from the App as a PDF. Why would I want to do this I hear you ask? Well maybe you wont but I love saving articles for future reference and this makes it an easier task than before. The new update also includes support for printing via Google Cloud Print or Apple’s built-in Airprint and also the usual bug fixes. So if you want to get your update on or try the app out hit up the App Store logo below.


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