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September 5, 2014

Chrome OS adds new features including multi-user login and more

Chrome releases Chrome OS has been updated to version 37, adding quite a few new features. This will make your Chromebook feel and look like a new computer, well, sort of. 1. First of the new features is support for multi-user login, meaning more than one user can now sign into a Chrome OS machine and remain logged in simultaneously. This type of feature has long been available for Windows and OSX computers. Setting_V37_3 2. In the update is that Settings now appear in a window (above), rather than a tab. With Chrome OS v37 however, Settings will now open as a window that you can minimise, expand, close or just move around.. Although this might seems like a relatively minor update, it provides much improved workflow. 3. Chrome OS tweaks also include a new “app info” view in the Chrome launcher. 4.  You can now save to Google Drive in Incognito mode. 5.  A new way for businesses and organisations to push and manage bookmarks across multiple devices. These updates should be available now for Chrome OS machines. Your Chromebook will detect when version 37 is available while you’re signed in, and then it will show an arrow icon in the status area. One other way to check is to click on the settings, then click help on the left. This will start the update checking process. Your Chromebook will then shutdown and restart, with the update applied. Source: Google Chrome Releases

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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