I have been recieving loads of emails over the past few months asking if I would recommend an aftermarket Bluetooth product for use while driving. Truth be known this was something we had never really looked into until now. We done some research and found that Bluetooth speakerphones seemed to be a great all round solution. Mobile Fun kindly sent us the Clip and Talk Bluetooth car kit to review for you all so hopefully this helps you on your search for an in-car Bluetooth product.

The Clip and Talk allows you to connect your device to it via Bluetooth surrogate for your device’s speakers and microphones. In simple terms you can connect your phone to the device and  talk to your friends in the car without literally holding your phone up to your ear. To get the device connected to your phone it is very simple just a few taps of a button and your ready to stick it in your car.

The product itself has a host of features including connection to two devices, support for secure pairing, advanced echo and noise cancellation and has a full duplex high performance speaker. You will get about 14 hours talk time and 66 days standby time when this is fully charged up. We have put it through its paces and still havent run out of juice its truly outstanding. It also comes with an in-car charger just incase it needs a charge while you are on the move.

As you can see the speakerphone comes with this handy metal clip that clips securley and easily to the kit. This allows you to clip it securley in a position within your car that you find comfortable. We found that the sunvisor works best but there where several places in the car that we could have positioned it with ease. One thing you will notice about the kit is how small and light it is. We were expecting something larger at first. You could easily fit this in your pocket if you didnt fancy leaving it in the car.

Overall this device does exactly what its meant to do and is a great solution to safley answering your phone in the car. The callers voice is very clear and loud enough to hear even while motorway driving. We asked our callers how our voice sounded and they all said it sounded almost as good as the Galaxy S3s HD calling feature. The kit itself is great value and comes in at £20. One thing is for sure you will not be dissapointed if you buy this speakerphone.

Source – Bluetooth Car Kit


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