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When you think of gaming in your lounge it usually involves a console like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The PC gaming industry has been trying for some time to break into this space and Corsair is leading the attack with products like the Lapdog and it’s Bulldog mini-ITX gaming case. These new products from Corsair actually make living room gaming more pleasurable and comfortable and today we are going to check out the Lapdog. If you prefer to watch my video review you will find it at the bottom of the page otherwise read on to find out my thoughts.

The Corsair Lapdog starts at around £109 here in the UK and $119 in the US for the base shell model I have been given for review but you can also bundle it with a keyboard and mouse. So what is the Lapdog? Essentially it’s a shell that will house one of Corsair’s K65 or K70 – series keyboards and features a large mouse pad area for utilizing your favorite wired or wireless mouse. When assembled you can sit on your sofa and comfortably game.

control centre

Corsair calls the shell the “Control Centre” and it is by no means a small product. The exact dimensions if you care are 735x261x94mm and it weighs in at 2.63KG out of the box so its no chihuahua. When it comes to the build quality Corsair have yet again delivered, we have the same beautiful brushed aluminum that we find on the K70 keyboards and all the lines and joins are flush. Overall Corsair have made no compromises on the build but one thing I have to note is the edges are a tad sharp and could be doing with being rounded off.


Now comes the fun part, the set up. Hopefully you only have to do this once as it is a bit of a task. If you would like to see the full set up then I show the whole process in my video but basically it involves using the supplied allen key to take it all apart, placing your keyboard of choice in (K70 or K65), connecting your keyboard and mouse to the built in USB ports, sorting your cable management out and reassembling. Sounds easy and it is especially with the helpful instruction manual but it definitely takes some time. When your all assembled all you have to do now is connect the Lapdog to your PC using the 5m long braided USB 3 cable. The cable itself is pretty thick so if you have kids or a dog you’ll have to make sure they won’t be tripping over it.

side usb 3

rear io

inside usb3

The Lapdog has 5 total USB 3 ports, two of these are internal and will be utilized by your keyboard and mouse, the one on the rear is used for connecting to your PC and the other 2 on the right hand side can be used for storage drives, gaming headsets, charging your phone or whatever you feel like really. The USB 3 ports do require power and that is were the included power adaptor comes in. It just plugs into the rear and is long enough to ensure it will reach your closest outlet.

The last part of the setup is to attach the thick memory foam cushion to the bottom of the Lapdog and this is done using the built in magnets. It snaps into place with ease and honestly it is one comfortable cushion. Now your good to play some games.

together cushion

I have been using the lapdog for around 4 weeks now and I must say the experience has been great. One thing did surprise me however and that is the weight. With both the Lapdog and K70 being crafted from grade-A aluminum I assumed it would feel heavy on my lap after a while but you can easily sit for hours using this without fatigue. The mouse pad surface also caused zero issues and I was able to play as effectively as I could sitting at my desk. If you prefer a traditional mouse pad surface you can always pop one on top as it will fit most standard mouse pads but really there is no need.



So first of all let’s talk about what I liked, the lapdog build quality is absolutely  stunning and Corsair have definitely not held back. Comfort is certainly not an issue and it performs perfect. So now lets discuss what I don’t like or what could be improved. First off the sharp edges are definitely needing rounded off and I would love to see the bottom made a little longer to enable my wrists to rest more comfortably. Lastly this is only designed for right hand gamers so it would be nice to see a left hand for version or even the ability to choose what side the mouse pad goes on.

Overall if your looking to take PC gaming into the lounge then Corsair’s Lapdog is definitely the way to go. Let me know your thoughts below, is the Lapdog something you would consider picking up? As always if you have any questions just ask below or drop me a tweet to @BeginnersTech.

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