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August 18, 2012

Dawnguard PS3 shrouded in secrecy

One thing PS3r’s want from Bethesda in regards to the first Skyrim DLC is communication, and while moaning about the lack of Dawnguard on the PS3 won’t make it arrive any sooner, it is fair that these gamers should get some regular updates as to when the launch might be. Sadly the reality couldn’t be further away from this, and we’ve seen this in a recent tweet by those behind the game.

Rather than delivering timely updates about the issues with getting the Skryim DLC on the final platform, we are instead seeing replies that lack details and in fact give just about nothing away. It has been two weeks since PS3 owners got confirmation that there were problems getting Dawnguard to run smoothly on their platform, and yesterday Pete Hines had been asked directly about the release date.

Hines had one gamer begging for some information, which is likely the reason he responded to the launch question in the first place, and you can see the tweet in the image below. This includes the question and reply from Hines, although other Twitter users jumped in on the conversation explaining, “Silence is bad for business“. It is fair that Bethesda has a lot of supporters that understand how time consuming fixing these bugs can be, but that line of thought is not shared by the majority of PS3 users that have been waiting too long for the Dawnguard expansion.

By Jonny Polea

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