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September 13, 2013

Deezer Music arrives on Panasonic and Philips Smart TVs


Music streaming services are in constant competition for the top dog spot and Deezer is making another move to take it. Deezer has announced that they have sealed a deal with Panasonic and Philips to bring web-based tunes to Smart TVs made by these companies just as they done earlier in the year with others. This is a great move for Deezer especially as competition from Spotify and RDIO never let’s up and everyone knows to succeed you have to get on as many platforms as possible. Deezer has also updated its app on LG and Samsung Smart TVs that bring some search improvements and a better way to manage your music library. They have also added a nice option to access your friends playlists. So if you have a Smart TV from the said manufactures fire your TV up and have a look.

Source – Deezer

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