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January 19, 2014

Deezer could be planning to strike a deal with Samsung


Deezer may not be available worldwide but here in the UK it is widely used and the French company seem to have big plans to expand. Part of the expansion could see them striking a deal with Samsung if a report by Reuters is to believed. the report say’s that the two companies are looking to explore a “commercial and industrial agreement” that could also see Samsung claim a stake in Deezer.

Just incase you have never heard of Deezer they offer a service not unlike Spotify, with both free ad-supported and paid subscription services available. Those of you in the US could see Deezer land on devices this year and if the deal with Samsung goes through I can only imagine it will be appearing sooner rather than later.

With 12 million subscribers Deezer could soon see this number grow at a rapid rate if Samsung get’s involved. Let’s hope that if the deal goes through Samsung users could see free premium services pre-installed on their device. Either way we will keep you updated on what happens next

Source – Reuters

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