In this review we will be looking at the dLan 500 WiFi Network Kit from Devolo. Devolo are a fantastic company that we have worked with in the past  and have some awesome products that use powerline technology. Before we start the review I thought I would explain this technology to you. It basically allows you to create a network using your electrical wiring around the house or at work. This makes it great due to that fact you wont have masses of Ethernet cable laying around the floor. So as long as you have a spare socket in the room you can simply connect it up to the plug and it’s like having your router in the room with you.

Devolo kit

The dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit  is supposed to be able to achieve 500Mbps but if you have ever used any of these kits you know you will never reach that. This kit comprises of two dLan 500 adapters,  and one dLan 500 duo adapter. The adapters themselves feature a very unobtrusive design and have a very small form factor. Also in the box you will receive  3 network cables, a CD containing all the documentation and software and a hard copy of the installation guide which if I am being honest you wont need as setup is simple. If you need more than two adaptors that wont be a problem as the adapters from other Devolo products will work as well.

So lets talk about setup, I mentioned that it is easy and that’s 100% true. All you have to do is take the Duo adapter and plug it in near your router. When that’s done simply connect the two together with the cable provided and thats it. You can then plug your other two adapters in anywhere in the house and connect to them like you would anytime you need WiFi. Each plug has its own pin so you know you have plenty of security but these can be changed if you wish.

Devolo kit plugged in


We put the kit to the test in a home where the WiFi reception was very poor upstairs and we achieved speeds the exact same as the speeds coming from the router. One thing worth noting is that the two adapters feature an Ethernet port on them allowing you to connect your Smart TV or console up and ensuring they get the best speed.


Overall the dLAN 500 WiFi Network Kit is a pretty awesome piece of technology and I would recommend anyone having WiFi troubles to go purchase this. We have tested many signal boosters in the past and none come close to the dLan 500 kit so save yourself some time and money. The kit itself can be picked up for about £119 which may seem steep but Devolo are a great company and ensure all there products are not only backwards compatible but future proof so you can be assured you can always upgrade your system if need be.

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