In this review we are going to look at something a little different than we usually cover but hope to do more of. We will be reviewing the dLAN LiveCam Starter Kit – a wireless home surveillance system from Devolo.


Basically this LiveCam uses your home electrical wiring as it’s way of transmission thus your WiFi does not take a beating and setup is a breeze. Using this way of transmission also ensures the video supllied is more constant and doesn’t suffer WiFi drops.

Included in the box you will receive the camera itself, power cable, a dLAN 200 AVmini adapter, network cable, installation guide, and setup CD for installing the documentation. Installing the ca,era is simple and takes only a few minutes just follow the simple steps below.

  • plug the camera into the power supply and mount it where you want
  • plug-in the AVmini adapter and connect it to your home broadband router via the ethernet cable supplied
  • install the dLAN Cockpit mobile app (available on iTunes and Google Play)
  • register the camera in the app by simply inputing the details it asks for (These can be found on the underside of your camera)

That’s it your ready to go. We found the installation to be a huge plus for this camera as some live-cams can be a pain at times but anyone is capable of following these easy steps.

The camera itself looks like a turret from Star Wars and is pretty bulky but this is actually a plus as it serves well for placing on any flat surface and the rubber feet will keep it on position. If you would rather mount your unit on the roof or even a wall the camera has openings that are meant for this purpose so you can put it anywhere you wish. The camera itself is very simple and can be positioned any way you wish by simple twisting and turning it. It can be moved 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically so that gives you plenty of angles to view. The black lens surround can also be turned to adjust the focus of the lens if you aren’t happy with the picture. It also functions great in low light conditions as it includes twelve infrared LEDS to ensure your always getting a good quality video. The actual quality of the video is 640 x 480, it may not be HD standard like we would have liked but it certainly does the job.

On one side of the camera there is a factory reset button, encryption button (the padlock one) and an LED for indicating the camera status. The LED operates on a simple traffic light system, Green for operating, Amber for ready to operate and red for danger, well not quite red simply means you haven’t configured something correctly.


The inclusion of the encryption button is awesome as it will allow you to protect your camera from being viewed by anyone who shouldn’t be viewing it. To enable this feature you simply have to enable it on both the camera and the AVmini adapter by pressing and holding each button for a whole second within at least two minutes of each other.

As I said before the supporting app can be easily downloaded from Apple’s App Store or from Google’s Play Store. For the sake of the review I downloaded it on a number of devices including the iPad mini, iPhone, Motorola Xoom and Galaxy S3. I can confirm that the app functions almost identically on all devices so that’s great news. Setting up the App is easy when you first open it you will be asked to input your LiveCamID and security password which can be found on the camera’s base.


When you have put your details in you can simply tap the listed camera to access the video feed. The app itself has a load of setting you can choose from, you can take a screen capture of what you are watching (Slideshow below shows quality of screen capture), change the resolution (options include 160 x 120, 320 x 240 and 640 by 480) and image quality (you can choose low, normal or high). Other options include the ability to change the security password of the camera for extra security and you can also deactivate the status LED from the settings as well if it starts to become annoying. You can also set options for indoor and outdoor use, mirror and rotate the captured image and you can reset everything back to factory if you make a mistake or don’t like the changes you made. One thing that was a bit disappointing is you don’t get the option to catch the live feed I feel this would have made it a little better. Below are some images I have captured with the LiveCam to allow you to see the quality it is actually pretty impressive.


The dLan LiveCam is a very easy to use home security device that isn’t going to blow your budget out of the water. Other LiveCam’s out there are a lot harder to use and setup and the easy set up and size of dLan’s make’s it perfect. You could even take this away on holiday with you if you wanted. The only improvements I would like to see in the next version would be a full HD option and the ability to capture video and store it on my device. Having no sound isn’t an issue for me but some may be disappointed by that. I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a LiveCam you will not be disappointed and you certainly get a lot of tech for your money.


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