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June 20, 2013

Dolphin Browser for Android gets a redesigned UI and a web store for apps


Dolphin is and has been my browser of choice for some time now as it has always been packed with handy features I use on a daily basis both on my Android and iOS devices. Dolphin has now reached version 10 on Android and brought with it an array of new goodies including a revamped user interface, more swip-based gestures, drag-and-drop support for speed dials on the home screen itself and a new store for web-based applications. One of the features I am glad to see back in version 10 is support for Adobe Flash.

There has also been improvements to the built-in search options and users can now plough through all the big sites like Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube right from within the app. The new update is awesome so be sure to hit the Google Play source below to update or if you haven’t tried Dolphin Browser before there has never been a better time.

Source – Google Play

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