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February 17, 2014

Dormi – Baby Monitor for Android (Plus, for 10 days 80% off code)



Sleekbit, a group of developers from Prague have released one of the best looking and functional baby monitoring apps for Android.

Dormi works in the same way a traditional baby monitor does with a ‘child’ and ‘parent’ device. Connecting the 2 units together is a simple case of opening the app up on both devices and letting it search. Instigate the pairing mode on one and accept on the other and you’re done. All you need to do now is ensure one is marked as the child device and the other as parent. If you’re using an ‘active’ mobile phone as opposed to a spare then there is a handy plugin which will notify you of any missed calls/messages.


Some key features are:

  • Connection via Mobile Data or WiFi
  • In cases of no Internet connectivity you can use WiFi Direct/Hotspot to create a connection
  • Multiple Parent devices can be assigned to a child device
  • Smart noise detection which changes the sensitivity of the mic as required
  • Push to Listen
  • Push to Talk
  • Temperature monitor (only available if the child device supports it, i.e. Samsung Galaxy S4)
  • Works on Android 2.3+ so dig out that old Android and put it to good use.


I’ve been using this for a few nights and have to say it has all the features of a reasonably priced baby monitor. So far the only real downside for me is that I would like to be able to customise the alerts a bit more like being able to disable vibrate and the beep. In general though, I like it and am excited to the possibilities as this is just the initial release.

Whilst the app is free, it offers you 4 hours a month usage. If you wish to have more then you can subscribe for various terms. The pricing schemes seem a bit over-complicated with options for Monthly, Lifetime and varying discount for referrals.

However, we have secured a 10 day discount (18th Feb – 28th Feb) to give you 80% off lifetime unlimited usage. Just load the app up and in the billing section enter the promo code BEGINNERSTECH which will give you the full unrestricted usage for just £0.79.

Note – There are obvious concerns over the potential for using apps like this for purposes other than that designed. Just remember, if someone wanted to listen in to your conversations using another phone there are plenty of ways to achieve this (for free).

Official Website:

Download: Dormi – Baby Monitor

More information and the official press release can be found after the break.


Dormi – baby monitor for the smartphone age

2/6/2014, Prague. Sleekbit introduces their new Android application Dormi, the baby monitor that stylishly makes conventional hardware baby monitors obsolete. Highly polished UI, Simple to use.

New level of connectivity and usability
Dormi works whether you have Internet access (WiFi, mobile data) or not (WiFi AP, WiFidirect, HotSpot). It is everywhere you have your Android device with you. Supports multiple parent devices simultaneously even from the other side of the world.

Built for Android
Attention to detail is one of key differentiators of Sleekbit apps. Dormi has many advanced features, for example: even missed calls and texts on the device used in child mode are reported on the parent device. It is designed for newest versions of Android, but works all the way back to 2.3 to give that old Android phone in your drawer a second lease of life.

Launch video and website
Watch our short animated video to get a first look. It highlights most important Dormi features and showcases our carefully designed UI. Visit for more product information. Direct link to video:

Dormi is immediately available to press for evaluation and promotional purposes. Availability to general public is scheduled for 2/18. The app is free to download and every device gets 4 hours of monitoring monthly for free. Unlimited monitoring is available as a subscription or a oneoff lifetime license. To try Dormi follow these instructions:

About sleekbit
Sleekbit is a small international team of developers, already known for these successful apps:
● gStrings very precise chromatic tuner
● OvuView comprehensive and advanced fertility monitor for Android

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