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October 14, 2014

Dropbox accounts compromised overnight


If your anything like me the first thing you do when you wake up is check what’s happened in the tech world overnight.

Well this morning brought some bad news for the millions who use Dropbox as a document containing 400 usernames and passwords was posted on pastebin. This may not seem like a large number of users but the poster is now asking for bitcoin donations in exchange for more accounts. It seems that the culprit has been receiving donations as another batch went live shortly after.

It is still unclear how the information has been obtained but Dropbox has stated in a blog post that this information was not obtained from their service and may be the result of a third party being compromised. They have also stated that the vast majority of usernames and passwords posted have expired.

So what should I do??

Well right now you should change your password and enable two step verification to ensure you have the best security measures in place. It is also advisable to change your password on other services that have the same password. If we get any more info we will let you know.

Source – Dropbox blog

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