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March 15, 2013

Dropbox acquires email app Mailbox


Cloud storage giants Dropbox are clearly looking to expand there offerings and possibly introduce email with the announcement that they have acquired startup Mailbox. Just incase you don’t know Mailbox currently provides an email client for iPhone users. The plan as of today is to integrate Dropbox’s infrastructure to launch Mailbox on a wider scale. Hopefully in the near future we could see a tighter integration of the two services.

My opinion on the subject is that Dropbox may have been interested in Mailbox to rival Googles new features. Dropbox is often used by people when they cant attach large files to email but Google recently rolled out the ability to attach large files to emails with ease using Google Drive, this pretty much makes Dropbox a bit useless as everything can be done on the one site now.

There is no word or even a sign that this is what Dropbox will do but surely it makes good marketing sense? But then again I’m not millionaire so what do I know. For more information have a read on the source links below.

Source – Dropbox (blog), Mailbox (blog)

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