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June 10, 2014

E3 2014 Day 1 Highlights

Far Cry 4, Star wars, Halo 5, WOW! This years E3 2014 press conference was a mix of olds and news. From a more detailed and hardcore UFC game, to brand new IP’s like No Mans Sky.

Star Wars Battlefront


if you blinked you might of missed it but “Star Wars Battlefront” made a quick appearance, showing some snow speeders whizzing around in the background. DICE the game’s developer spoke about making the “Star Wars of their dreams. And while the 30 seconds of footage is promising, we have been fooled before.

Dragon Age Inquisition


In Bioware’s newest title “Dragon Age: Inquisition,” players have the option of switching between multiple characters on the fly. Players can also use the tactical camera to pause the action and queue up attacks, which will come in handy during those big boss battles. Gamers can expect to have to use several different combat modes in battles.

Tom Clancey’s The Division


This is a pretty grim, but very slick representation of post-apocalyptic New York City. The cover mechanics, squad based tactics and third-person view remind me a lot of Gears of War.

No Man’s Sky


A new IP i’m exited about is, No Man’s Sky. Which has been described as “Walking With Dinosaurs and the asteroid field scene The Empire Strikes Back”. It looks great. The developers claim the universe in which No Man’s Sky is set is genuinely infinite. “We have no idea what’s out there.”

EA Sports UFC


Wannabe mixed martial artists can step into the octagon against the likes of Jon Jones and BJ Penn in EA’s UFC franchise. The highlight of the demo was watching the legendary Bruce Lee dole out some hurt to Penn via his trademark hands and feet of fury. An audible groan filled the crowd as Lee sent Penn to the canvas with a brutal kick to the face.

Halo 5 and Master Chief Collection


The Halo 5 video looks suitably epic. It involves a new Spartan character being briefed – apparently by an Elite – on how to find Master Chief. 343 Studios are also announcing Halo: The Master Chief Collection – a compilation of the first four Halo games for Xbox One. The retouched version of Halo 2 looks beautiful, and includes the original Halo 2 multiplayer.

EA Sports PGA Tour


When you think golf, does the idea of sending a golf ball soaring over an aircraft carrier, come to mind? Well with the latested “PGA Tour” title, you’ll be able to do that and more. Thanks the Frostbite 3 engine, “PGA Tour” will feature breathtaking, fully rendered environments with no loading times. This should be released around Spring 2015.

Burnout Paradise


Criterion Games is back with your latest fix of fast cars with the upcoming “Burnout Paradise.” This title is bringing in a whole new load of vehicles, including jetskis, ATVs and even wingsuits. Combining beautiful graphics with destructible physics and big action, gamers can live out their latent stuntmen fantasies.

Far Cry 4


We had already heard of Far Cry 4, but at E3 we were now seeing the co-op footage that was (briefly) released on YouTube earlier this evening. It’s very slick, is set in a lush, open world environment and involves gyrocopters and elephants. What more could you possibly ask for?

Rise of the Tomb Raider


We didn’t see any gameplay footage, and personally I was disappointed by the name “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” Hopefully this will be another great game, some goods voice work and similar writing style.

Mirror’s Edge 2


Developer DICE showed off the latest demo of “Mirror Edge 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic, “Mirror’s Edge.” Gamers will be taking control of Faith, a parkour-wielding runner as she fights for freedom in a restrictive world. DICE has focused on expanding the lighting-fast warrior’s skills as well as the story.



In “FIFA 15” players will respond with real-time emotions that build throughout the match. To ensure a more realistic game, EA Sports has added increased ball physics and a living pitch that is affected by weather conditions.

Battlefield: Hardline


EA definitely saved the best for last with “Battlefield: Hardline. Visceral Games unveiled the spin-off to the popular shooter, pitting cops against criminals. They described the main campaign as a “great TV drama.” They also showed off the thrilling “Heist” mode where 32 players split into two determined teams. The criminals are tasked with pulling off a city-stopping robbery and the cops have to stop them. The chase was on with motorcycles, shotguns, assault rifles and choppers on full display.



Dave Jones, creator of the brilliant original game is at the helm of this one, so hopefully it’ll be an improvement on the slightly disappointing sequel.

The Crew


An open world driving game which allows the player to drive across the entire United States without having to load once. Though they did add that apparently it only takes 90 minutes to cross the whole country, so probably not entirely accurate.

Little Big Planet 3


Sackboy’s got a bunch of new friends. Oddsock is faster and can walljump, and Toggle is stronger and can shrink to fit through little gaps. Finally Swoop, as his/her name suggests, can fly. They’re all, obviously, adorable.


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