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September 24, 2013

EBay click and collect along with eBay Now service heading to the UK


eBay is awesome and Im always buying something but the most annoying thing is having to wait on your item being delivered. If you feel the same way then Devin Wenig the president of eBay has some good news for you. Today at a London press conference he announced that they are launching “click and collect”, a service that will allow you to make your eBay purchase the pick it up from the a large selection of high-street retailers. For sellers on eBay who don’t have a bricks and mortar store they will have a chance to collaborate with Argos to deliver items through their infrastructure. The new system will roll out firstly to 150 Argos stores that will feature the new “eBay collection point” then more locations will follow. Devin Wenig failed to mention any costs that occur to either the seller or buyer so when we find out we will update this post. In another anouncment they have also announce that eBay Now will be launching in Europe early next year staring with London so this is great news for those in a hurry for there purchase. In case you don’t know eBay Now is the auction sites one hour delivery service getting your purchase to you faster than a trip in town. The full press release is below with all the information you will need.

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