When I go swimming in one of my many pools, I sometimes miss the music of Sir Kirk Hammett, or Master James Dio, and having a speaker on the side doesn’t satisfy my taste for that true music experience. Joking aside, bath/pool side speakers are good, but sometimes you want to take that music with you into the water, enter stage left, the ECOXBT Waterproof speaker. With its  100% waterproof, rugged, and mobile design its designed for playing music at full volume.

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Initially I was put off by the design and look of this speaker, its a bit clunky and has massive rubber handles. It has a very unique design, with the model we have being pretty in your face with bright orange flashes contrasting with those black rubberized handles. The rubber continues around the top of the speaker which also holds the control buttons, and indicator lights.

The back has the Ecoxgear logo, and the fabric tag which can be used for hanging the speaker. There is also the charging ports which is protected by an O-ring port cover. This was a bit odd as the back plate isn’t screwed in, it just uses an O-Ring, so I would worry it could get water damaged.

The front of the speaker is made up of the speaker grill, along with the Ecoxgear logo running along the bottom. The grill has the same S logo imprinted into the metal, which looks pretty cool and takes away from otherwise plain front facing speaker.

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The sound produced was very middle of the road for me, meaning it was enjoyable but not the best I have ever heard. Vocals and guitar sounds had a lot of clarity and were enjoyable to listen to and even at full volume the sound rocked enough, even with a room full of people. So was great for pool parties, or BBq’s.

The Ecoxbt was built for rock and pop tracks, with those vocals and guitar sounds being at the forefront of the listening experience. Treble was an issue with it adding static at times though I think it performed really well across the board and had a great sound range to it.

I did find a couple of issues with the bluetooth connection, and noticed more then a couple of drops when listening to music but this could be isolated to the unit we have.

As with most Bluetooth speakers these days you can make and receive calls with the built in microphone. Overall anyone that I was talking to using the speaker said that the clarity was great and had no issues.

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  • Use your Smartphone or tablet to stream music up to 33-Feet/10 m. Pairs easily to all your devices
  • The 100% waterproof acoustically engineered and sealed speaker enclosure provides a warm full sound with crisp highs and clear vocals
  • Up to ten-hours straight of unplugged music via the built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • The ECOXBT’s 100% waterproof, rugged, and mobile design is the perfect wireless Bluetooth speaker system for listening to your music
  • The ECOXBT is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker and a crystal clear speakerphone


Overall I was pretty satisfied with the speaker. The sound was great, but there just wasn’t anything that made me jump around the room with glee. If your after a speaker for the pool or bath and want some good sound then this would be the best option.


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