When I was contacted by Element Gaming to check out their latest gaming products I would be lying if I said I was super excited. First off Element Gaming is a new brand on the gaming scene and when you check the price of their products you can’t help but think that they won’t be that good. So with that said let’s jump in and see what I thought of their Iridium 820 gaming mouse.


So let’s start with the price tag, this mouse comes in at ¬£29.99 which is cheap for a gaming mouse with the features this packs. The Iridium 820 arrives with features you would normally only see on higher end gaming products, like the ability to set gaming profiles and choose the colour of the built in LED’s.


The packaging that the Iridium 820 gaming mouse arrives in is very nice indeed as you can see above. In the box you will get the mouse itself, some documentation and a driver/software installation disk. On first inspection you will see that the Iridium 820 has a solid build and feels great in the hand, it seems Element Gaming didn’t hold back on the design as it even has a braided USB cord to ensure tangles don’t occur.


Setup is super easy, just plug the mouse into a USB port and the drivers will install and your good to go. If you insert the included disk you can install Element Gaming’s mouse software allowing you to fully customise the mouse. In the software you will be able to change the colour of the Element logo to match your setup and theirs more than a few colours to choose from. You can also set up to 5 different profiles that will automatically change on the mouse when a specific game is launched which is an awesome feature at this price point. Other than that you can also define what you want each button to do when you press it so it is very customisable.

element screen

So whats it like to use? Well I’m used to using more high end gaming products but I must say I was very impressed with the Iridium 820 gaming mouse. It feels great in the hand and after a few hours gaming I had no issues with comfort. It is also size adjustable and can be made longer at the twist of a knob for those with larger hands. It should be noted that this is for right hand gamer’s only.


All the buttons are very easy to press and have a nice tactile feel to them and the layout was really good. The Iridium 820 is super smooth and very fast thanks to it’s 8200 DPI and 125 – 1000Hz polling rate. Personally I never set a mouse as high as 8200 DPI but it is nice to have the option and you can choose between many settings at the click of a button and it’s super easy to do so. The mouse seems to track very well and seemed accurate enough for the price point and I felt as if I played just as I normally do.


Overall I’m very impressed with what Element Gaming are offering and their attempt to build a recognised brand. If you are on a budget then I would look no further to be honest, at this price point I doubt you will find better. Is it a better mouse than what’s on offer from Razer or Steelseries? I would have to say no but that’s not the point of this mouse, the amount of features and customisability you get with the Iridium 820 at an affordable price tag makes it an easy purchase. As always if you have any questions about the mouse then reach out and let us know as I will be happy to answer, If your interested in picking one up then hit the Amazon Logo below.


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