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June 15, 2015

Emoji Passcodes Coming to a mobile near you

App Screens Perspective MockUpUK company Intelligent Environments claims to have invented the idea of using a set of emoji passcodes to replace a PIN number, suggesting that our brains find it easier to remember the drawing rather than pin numbers, and that the increased complexity of the emoji character set makes brute-forcing into our bank accounts substantially harder, because they’re harder to hack and easier to remember.

Emoji Passwords2

Intelligent Environments, which says its emoji PIN system is ready to go right now. The small print explains the maths behind the claim of enhanced security. David Webber MD at Intelligent Environments said: ,

“Calculating the permutations, traditional PIN = 7,290 unique permutations of four non-repeating numbers vs Emoji Passcode = 3,498,308 million unique permutations of non-repeating emojis, based on a selection size of 44 emoji.”


Former memory champion Michael Tipper said:

“Statistically it will be harder to crack – but if you’re presented with a screen of emojis and you can’t be bothered to remember a sequence you’re going to pick the ones in the four corners or the top row – and then you are left with an equally insecure technology.”

“Memory expert Tony Buzan” said:

“The Emoji Passcode plays to humans’ extraordinary ability to remember pictures, which is anchored in our evolutionary history. We remember more information when it’s in pictorial form, that’s why the Emoji Passcode is better than traditional PINs.”

Although no banks, building societies or credit card companies have signed up to Intelligent Environments to use this new concept, they claim some digital banks have already expressed interest in the idea. I can’t help but think they must be looking into it, they would be foolish not to.
Source: Intelligent Environments via BBC Technology

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