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February 4, 2015

End of the road for T-Mobile and Orange says EE CCO

EE-Logo-TitleThe writing has been on the wall for a good while now. Over the last year or so EE have been asking customers of both T-Mobile and Orange if they would like to move over to EE 4G plans. I know as I was asked in 2013 if I would like to move to EE from T-Mobile, which I did.


Early last year EE stopped the online sales of both T-Mobile and Orange contracts and now in their latest move, with an exclusive interview with Mobile News, EE Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Marc Allera, who came from his roll of CCO at Three UK, has revealed that they are to stop offering any Orange or T-Mobile plans. EE have now stopped all deals with T-Mobile and Orange completely. Third party channels like Carphone Warehouse will cease on March 2nd.


Orange and T-Mobile only account for 10% of EE customers but, EE has 90% and 7.7 million of the 26 million that are on 4G contracts.

Marc Allera said:

It has been something we have discussed for many months now, but we didn’t feel it would be right to push the button on the activity until we had a 90 per cent or more mix of customers opting for EE. Only one in ten of our customers are now connecting to T-Mobile and Orange and we are confident the transition to a single EE brand is now the right thing to do.

Two years ago the Orange and T-Mobile brands in the UK were very important to us when EE was a new brand and had to establish itself. It’s very much achieved that goal. There’s been an unrelenting focus on 4G, selling the benefits and broadening our appeal. We are now synonymous with superfast speeds and innovation.

Customers on either Orange or T-Mobile contracts will have to either move to EE or move to another network provider when your contract expires,

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