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April 12, 2013

ES File Explorer 3 available for “Public Test” via Google Play


ES File Explorer has been around awhile now and is one of the apps that XDA developers install in their ROM’s. Relatively easy and simple to use, ok, the UI has never been good looking but the good news is that the developer is looking to change that in the latest version dubbed ES File Explorer 3. While not officially ready to make its grand debut, the app is available to play with and try out in “Public Test” form before it goes live on April 20th. You can see from the screenshots that it’s been given a complete UI overhaul. No more funky looking icons and visuals from 2002. Besides handsome good looks, here are some additional changes:

What’s new

  • New Support Multiple Windows
  • Send Files To Others By WiFi
  • Support Gestures(Drag, Zoom, Slide)
  • Fast Access
  • New Pictures, App Managers, Root Explorer…
  • Classic Theme
  • New Notification and Progress

Looks like there’s a lot of new features and additions. Google Play link provided below.

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Senior Editor
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