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July 1, 2015

European Union to scrap roaming charges, well may be, some time, we’ll see

EU_LOGO_300pxThe European Union and has now decided to abolish roaming charges on the continent on June 15th 2017.

Customers using European Union based operators will pay the same amount across all European Union countries as they do in their home country. However, at present there is a loophole, whereby customers in one country can buy a cheaper SIM deal from abroad in order to achieve cheaper rates. The Commission has ruled that there will be a limit to the amount of roaming data and calls that are free before a carrier can begin charging any additional fees.

Although in the UK many carriers have special deals for customers going abroad for business or holidays.

Until the new rules come into force, the Commission will be imposing another interim cap which will begin from April 2016.

Carriers will be limited to charging customers a maximum of €0.20 per MB, €0.06 per SMS and €0.05 per minute when roaming abroad, which is about 75 percent cheaper than the current cap.

On Net Neutrality:

The Commission will also bring in tougher net neutrality rules. Beginning April 30th 2016, ISPs on the continent will be prevented from throttling speeds or blocking access to any online content, apps or other services.


European Union countries that have blocks in the name of network security and combating child pornography are exempt. It will however be interesting to see how this affects some national government efforts to block access to video and torrent sharing websites.

Innovative Services:

Internet “fast lanes” have also been ruled out, with the exception of parts of a network reserved for higher quality “innovative services” and Internet TV, so long as these don’t affect other people’s access to regular internet services.
So now we wait for what seems to be a slow pace of the European Union getting round to proceed to make the necessary rule changes into actual laws

Still, I’m sure an end to data roaming charges and increased internet neutrality protection will be well received when they finally arrive. Although the European Union was supposed to be bringing in similar rules this year which were dumped so we wait and see if these laws do in fact become law.
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Source: European Union press release

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