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January 23, 2014

@evleaks shows off SwiftKey Note for iOS



We all know that Android gives us the ability to replace whatever, whenever with whatever app we desire.  Replacing the likes of your camera app or Keyboard app for something better, is the norm for Android users all over the world.

iOS has always been, since time immemorial a closed environment without exception. Now users can or should we say hopefully, replace their on-screen keyboards.
SwiftKey, one of the, if not the most popular Keyboard applications on the Android platform, has been repeatedly asked by its fans to develop something for the iOS despite the restriction being on Apple’s side.

@evleaks has posted an image (above) of SwiftKey Note application for iOS on iPhone giving us a clue that SwiftKey may shortly announce a  faster note taking application for the iOS platform. Though there isn’t much you can tell from the phone, you can guess that the iOS keyboard has not been touched as Apple does not allow it. What SwiftKey has done is that it has integrated its famous predictions to a line above the keyboard.
This will hopefully, allow iOS users a faster typing experience on the iOS platform. But wait, there seems to be a catch. As this is a full blown app, all the SwiftKey experiences that Android users love will be restricted to within the application.

So we come to the name of the app, “SwiftKey Note”, obviously the stand alone keyboard app is only part of this. “Note” is the key, incorporating a note pad gives it many more advantages for a note-taking application, with the added advantage of faster typing experience thanks to the SwiftKey predictions.

@evleaks does not release leaks unless they have credible evidence to support them so, we look forward to some announcement from Swiftkey in the near future.

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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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