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March 8, 2013

Facebook announces new design for news feed

During its own event, Facebook has announced a new design for the news feed.  According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the new interface will give the user the experience of reading a personalized ‘newspaper’.

The most striking change in the new interface is that photos and videos get a more prominent place. The content is shown much larger on the website. Also, the news feed will be split into several categories, so that users can filter more easily. Similar to what Google already has in place with its own Plus network.


In addition ‘likes’ have been given more functionality in the newly renovated stream. Users can already see when friends have a product or page liked, but likes are now more prominently displayed in the new stream. Ads also seem to have been given a more prominent place.


The Facebook mobile interface is also getting adjusted, mostly in alignment with the desktop interface.  According to Facebook the new stream is being rolled out immediately, though it may take some time before everyone will be able to see the new interface.  Users of mobile apps can expect an updated version soon.

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