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August 24, 2012

Facebook for iOS gets a recode


Facebook has been hard at work re-writing there Facebook App for iOS and have released a much improved version that is significantly faster. This was a vital update for Facebook as the amount of users complaining about how slow the old App is was growing.

The reason behind the slowness was down to how the App was written. It was written in HTML 5 language and a team of engineers have now re-written it in Objective-C which they hope will respond to commands a lot quicker and perform more like a native iOS App.

Believe it or not the original Facebook App was written in Objective-C but was scrapped as developer Joe Hewitt quit in 2009 in protest against Apple insisting that the App must undergo review before being allowed in the App Store.

Here are some quotes from All Things D

People have different expectations when it comes to using Facebook for iOS,” Mick Johnson, Facebook iOS mobile product manager, told me in an interview this morning. “They expect a level of performance and speed that just wasn’t there.”

Johnson says that the largest pain points — scrolling through the feed, photos and loading the app — will all be much faster, by a factor of three. Also, Facebook mobile developers working on the three separate iOS apps — Facebook, Camera and Messenger — are all now sharing a code base with each other, so Messenger and Camera are actually running inside of the proper Facebook app, bringing many of those features to Facebook for iOS. (As a bonus, a shared code base means faster development cycles, so we’ll probably see improvements sooner.)

So there you have it Apple users can now happily navigate Facebook at a reasonable pace while Android users have to suffer with the latter for the moment.

Source – All Things D

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