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March 25, 2013

Facebook Messenger iOS app now allows free calling in the UK


Finally the UK can get in on the app-based voice call action that America and Canada have had since January. Facebook Messenger for iOS has just released the free calling feature to the UK and some other parts of Europe. Unfortunately Android users don’t get shown the same love.

The new calling service works pretty much like Skype except they don’t power it this time round. According to Pocket-lint this version we are seeing is experimental so you may experience a few bugs and glitches but one can hardly complain when they are getting free calls. We have giving the new service a whirl and its working pretty awesome both with 3G and WiFi. There is also the bonus add on of being able to leave voice messages with any busy users.

To initiate a call through Facebook Messenger simply open a conversation with the person you desire to call, tap the “i” button on top bar and then tap “Free Call”. It’s simple and works a treat. There is no update required for this to work as before the feature became available the “Free Call” button was simply greyed out.

So if you haven’t got Facebook Messenger hit up the source link below and give it a try.

Source – Facebook Messenger

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