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January 31, 2014

Facebook to release News app called Paper


We know that Facebook have been looking at releasing more independent apps as a part of their growth strategy on mobile. Well Facebook Newsroom recently unveiled a new app that will combine Instagram and Messenger into one app called Paper, a news app. Its likely to compete with apps like Flipboard and Google Newsstand. Facebook has been working on Paper for quite some time and it will apparently use the tagline, “stories from Facebook”.Facebook_Paper

Right now the app is set to be released on iOS devices on February 3rd but there is no word on when an Android version of the app is coming out or whether it is even in development. This is especially annoying since Android has about 80% of the market share right now.

The paper app is described as an app that let’s users explore and share stories with the users around them. The app will have different sections such as technology, sports etc. and there will also be a newsfeed area, much like the original Facebook app. This will contain some duplicate content obviously. The app will also include stuff from emerging voice’s as well as established ones which is a good thing.
It all sounds good but right now as Android users we really couldn’t care less about it since Facebook didn’t have the decency to think about us when developing the app.

What do you make of it and do you think that it will be a success? Please leave a comment below.

Source: Facebook

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Senior Editor
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