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October 16, 2013

Feedly updates to version 17, brings faster startup, Galaxy Gear support and more


When Google Reader dissapeared for good a lot of people turned to the now much loved Feedly app. Today that app has been updated to version 17 and brought with it a load of improvements and tweaks. Some of the biggest changes is the new “300% start time” and support for Android KitKat.

There are a few visual changes including the new navigation menu and the adjusted widget. Overall the new UI looks a lot cleaner and I’m sure most will like it a lot as scrolling is a lot more fluid and even the font and layout are a lot cleaner. As the title says Feedly now supports Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch assuming you have a Note 3 to go along with it and you can share directly to Facebook.

Feesly Pro users will benefit from the new Discover section allowing for casual browsing, enhanced feed searches, and searches within your entire backlog. Pro users will be happy to know that you finnaly get article search and non pro users will now benifit from enhanced feed search.

Overall the update is pretty awesome and as a user I’m very happy with the changes. The full list of changes are below. Let us know what you think when you get a chance to have a play.

Here is the change log:

New version of the android widget
– 300% faster start time
– More fluid scrolling experience
– Better fonts and visual design
– Search in my feedly (pro)
– New discover section
– Enhanced feed search
– No auto-refresh on restart
– New Facebook SDK integration
– Support for Samsung Gear

Source – Feedly Blog

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