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May 25, 2015

“Flow” Leaks Before I/O

Microsoft has been on a streak as of late, and now, just before I/O, their newest possible app entry surfaces with some huge possible impact in the future email game.

NEOWIN, has gotten wind of some nice leaked screenshots of Flow. This is, as of now, iPhone specific and seems to be geared more as an iMessage/Mail replacement. The app is aimed to do this by using the infrasturcture of email and build on that to provide a basis for real-time messaging. This would be combined with the functionality of Outlook email as one core application.

1_masked2 1_masked3

This is huge news after the recent launch of the new Outlook Email on all platforms and is a shot at Google as this app would further place Microsoft in the cloud wars against the behemoth while pushing loyalty of users staying in the Microsoft Cloud; stripping those impressions from the Google services. As with any progress, in the mobile front, competition only serves to benefit every end user. I’m excited to give this a go when it does launch as the Gmal interface on iOS is severely lacking its Android counterpart


Source: NEOWIN

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