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December 20, 2014

Free Windows phone app of the day –  Remote Device Manager

remote-device-manager-logoRDM is App of The Day on.

How many times have you wanted to take a file from your phone and you did not have to USB cable ?
You did not want to kill the battery of your device connecting and disconnecting from the charge ?
This app is what it does for you , it allows you to manage your phone through wifi without the need to connect it via USB, with any web browser .
Simply open the program, make a note of the address shown and insert into your browser.

remote-device-manager1 remote-device-manager2 remote-device-manager3
remote-device-manager4 remote-device-manage5 remote-device-manage6
With a simple interface , you can
–  NEW Multiple file upload
– NEW Ability to convert files from Movie Maker 8.1 by Venetasoft to Windows   Movie Maker for desktop with a simple click. Save the project         on Movie Maker 8.1 and then browse the file with this app!
– Check the charge of your phone
– Download and upload files
– Watch your videos
– Listen to your songs
– Display the pictures on your phone
– View the contacts on your phone
– Display your location on the map
– Take a photo without touching the device

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Thanks to tip from Dave Bonham (G+)


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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