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November 19, 2013

Galaxy Gear hack allows you to browse the web on your wrist


XDA member fOmey has clearly been busy of late designing his own custom ROM for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. So we know it sounds a bit daft and I’m sure that your asking yourself why would I want to run a web browser on a 1.6-inch touchscreen. The truth is you probably wont but the new modified software has managed to side step a number of the manufacturer’s locks and limitations allowing the Galaxy Gear to run many apps, widgets, wallpapers and even custom launchers. Bluetooth tethering is also enabled in the custom software allowing the Gear to use your phone’s web connection, if your device supports the protocol that is. We are going to test it out and let you know what we think but there hasn’t been much feedback yet. If you want to try it out or even see what’s going on visit the source link below for full details.

Source – XDA (Forum)


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