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September 4, 2013

Did Google Accidentally Show A New Nexus In The KitKat Unveiling Video?


Ooops, looks like someone over at Google was too enthusiastic in getting the new Android 4.4 unveiling displayed on the lawn onto video that they inadvertently shown off what could be the new Nexus 5 handset.


If you look closely at the image in the man’s hand, the word “Nexus” is clearly visible in horizontal form. This horizontal writing of Nexus matches the recently revamped Nexus 7 which also saw the Nexus wording written horizontally. So, does that mean this image is a smoking gun or that we are indeed looking at the Nexus 5? Of course not, but the conspiracy theories are already running wild and I can’t help but feel there’s some merit to them. When you also consider that Google has pulled the video, it almost comes off as a “yups, we screwed up, sorry about that” and adds even more fuel to the legitimacy fire.

The large camera lens and matte finish hasn’t been seen on any other Nexus devices to date, so add that as another piece of potential evidence that we’re looking at the real deal. You can also seen a size difference as the women holding a current model Nexus 4 to the man’s left which appears notably smaller.


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Dave Thornton

Senior Editor

Senior Editor
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