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November 1, 2013

Secret Google Barge In San Francisco Bay Could Be An “Invite Only” Retail Store

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There’s been some news and rumors about a mysterious Google barge that has been built near Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, off the coast of California in the U.S. No one has been able to figure out just what this barge is. Some early reports thought that it may be a new, top-secret floating data center. Now a “confirmed” source speaking to CBS is saying that the barge is going to an “invite only” retail space, set to include an ultra-luxurious party deck and exclusive showroom space set aside to demo products from the secretive Google X division.

According to this source talking to CBS, Google will use this retail space to showcase Google Glass and other Google X division projects. Only special guests will be invited on to the barge, and Google’s Sergey Brin is overseeing the entire project. The barge is supposedly built out of modular shipping containers, which will allow Google to break it down quickly and rearrange or ship pieces around the country quickly.

With this whole project being very hush-hush, we don’t know much else about what’s going on. Google even went so far as to have U.S. Coast Guard members who board the barge sign NDAs so they can’t talk about what they see. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.

Source: CBS

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