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May 22, 2011

Google blocks movie rentals on Rooted Android devices

Rooting has many positives but now Google has created a big negative aspect to rooting. Rooting your Xoom for LTE hardware upgrade is great but now if you do so you will no be able to rent movies from Youtube/Android Market. Android Central pointed out that the Google support document states “Failed to fetch licence for (movie title) (error49)” when trying to play a movie rental from a rooted Android device. As it is only Xoom users who can rent at the minute this is not a problem but when it rolls out to every other device then you will be forced to make the decision whether you will want to give up your superuser privilegesfor movie rentals. Up to now rooting and Jail breaking has not caused any barriers with movie rentals (Netflix, Itunes) so it seems that maybe Google is the one causing the problems here with there so called open-source policy. So now all we have to do is pray someone makes a work-around for us all until then decisions have to be made.

Source – Android Central

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