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October 16, 2013

New Google Glass Patent Would Let Users “Heart” Objects In Real Life

google glass heart-patent

Google may be introducing new hand gestures in an upcoming Google Glass update, according to a recent patent filing that made it’s way through the USPTO. Google is looking to bring back the two-handed heart symbol and let Glass users capture images by “hearting” them. All you would have to do is hold up your hands in a heart shape, framing something that you want to capture with the camera.

This patent was spotted on the USPTO website yesterday with the title “Hand gestures to signify what is important.” Making the heart gesture in front of the Google Glass camera will send a signal to the device to snap a picture. If there’s something you “heart,” you can capture a photo to keep it forever. This heart hand gesture was pictured in the filing, but the implication is that there will be more hand gestures implemented in future updates.

Google Glass could be available to consumers as soon as the beginning of 2014. The current model is in a private beta and only about 10,000 developers have a pair of Glass. New Glass updates and ideas are being tossed around all the time and we’re excited for a public release.

What other gestures do you think Google could build into Glass?

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