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February 23, 2013

Google Glass to go on sale this year and set you back £1000


Yes that isn’t a mistype Google’s new toy Google Glass will cost you around £1000 when ts released this year. We thought that we wouldn’t see this released any time soon but The Verge has managed to get a hands on and reported that Google is aiming to sell there finished product by the end of the year. Lets face it £1000 for a pair of augmented reality spectacles ain’t that bad as they are truly awesome.

There is no official word on whether the specs will be on sale here in the UK on launch but we can safely assume they will be.  Google has opened up pre-orders for the Explorer version for “creative individuals”, but the application process is a bit of a nightmare. After reading The Verge’s hands on they said the glasses feel “good in your hand and on your head, solid but surprisingly light and comfortable”. The battery and counterweight are housed inside a soft-touch plastic, and a thin metal strip makes up the arc of the glasses. On release they will be available in black, white, light blue, grey and orange but the beauty of these is that if you don’t like these colors you need not worry as the glass comes apart and allows you to turn any pair of glasses into Google-powered magic ones.

In-case you haven’t seen them in action yet here is Google’s promotional video, I think you will agree these are awesome. Would you £1000 for these let us know below.

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