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May 28, 2015

Google Play for Families [Update]

Google is interested in making sure developers have their apps found in the play store, and if you’re either a developer who has created an app for kids, or a parent looking for an app that will help your children, then the family discovery experience on Google Play will definitely draw your attention. So what does the new Designed for Families experience on Google Play bring?

On stage at Google I/O, Ellie Powers, Product Manager for Google Play, made mention of the fact that “one third of Android users in the US are parents with kids age 12 and under.” (I find myself included in this statistic.) With this in mind, Google realized that the Play Store needed to be optimized to help parents search and find high-quality apps that appealed to their family needs. A new section labeled Family will appear in the Play Store, creating a one-stop shop for parents and children to find apps relevant to what they like. Searching from within this section will produce search results of only apps and games that have been opted-in for the Designed for Families program. Also, searching for family related apps and games from anywhere in the Play Store will make those apps more visible.

Filtered Search results for apps and games in the Designed for Families program for Google Play.

Add to that the use of badges with the help of the Family Star, and users will be able to clearly distinguish which apps have been approved by Google for the new program.


Additional badges will be used to browse and find apps and games based on age. Each badge represent a certain age group. Also, parents will be able to browse and search based on popular characters, such as those from Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, and many others. Using these badges for searching and browsing will provide them with more centralized access to apps and games pertaining to what they are looking for.

Finding Content is easy, Controlling it… will be as well.

Parents are not only being empowered with tools on how to find apps and games suitable for their families, but also with tools to help them with these apps. Third party ratings are being introduced for apps, new parental controls are being implemented, stronger password protection for in-app purchases, and labels for apps that are Ad-supported. Google is really looking out for their users, recognizing that mobile entertainment and digital tools have become the standard for so many families nowadays.


Google believes that better content discovery not only helps Android users and developers, but makes Android fantastic. Many Android users will definitely be looking forward to the execution of this new Google Play for Families program.

Follow us for more updates from Google I/O and all the new developments the Google and Android teams have for us.


The new Family friendly section is live! Go check it out.

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