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August 23, 2012

Google Play Music updated to bring Jelly Bean notifications and Google TV support


Google music fans receive some good news today as an update rolls out. This update has brought with it a few enhancements including expanded notifications for Jelly Bean users. With a two fingered swipe up you can collapse the notification to get a more refined entry, but with another two finger swipe down its back. This is a great feature and really takes advantage of Jelly Beans improved notification centre.

The best feature of the update has to be that we can now legitimately install Google Play Music on our Google TV device. Doesn’t this render the Nexus Q useless?. If you have a Nexus Q they have added a nice little link to Q settings from the Google Music settings menu. Maybe the reason the update took so long was to try encourage Nexus Q sales?

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Source – Google Play

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