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August 3, 2017

Google Is Testing A Native Ad Blocker For Chrome


According to posts made by the Verge and Techcrunch Google is apparently testing a built in ad blocker for its web browser Chrome. This is in the testing phase right now and should see a wider launch in 2018. This is backed up by a screenshot from a device testing a beta version of the Canary app for Android. This new feature will allow users to block what Google deems “Instrustive ads”. What is deemed to be intrusive will be determined by Google as well as the coalition called Better Ads. Google will be working with some publishers and Better Ads to outline what is deemed intrusive and to ensure that they don’t accidentally block ads that fit in with Googles ad policies.

From what I gather this means that it will attempt to block adverts that are either pop up based or those adds that shield the content from you until a set timer has passed. But it will leave ads that are in the sidelines, header or footer of a website as these are not intrusive adverts.


Is this a good move?

Well yes. If the algorithm is done right it will block obtrusive adverts that we see all to often when browsing the web. This will be great as we’ve all experienced those really in your face adverts that are a pain to get rid of. In turn this will create a more enjoyable browsing experience as we won’t be constantly bombarded with adverts.

To summarise, this is a good move and I truly hope that they can get it to work as some adverts can, lets be fair be annoying. Especially those ads that don’t give you a choice whether you see them and then even more so those ones that block content from you and make you wait to view it. Again this should be more widely rolled out in 2018 and we could be seeing it in action in some places even before that. But as a whole, I for one think its a good decision. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so if you want to share your opinion, please leave a comment.




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